The latest addition to the stable – International Star Class racing yacht!

Thanks to my friend Brian for finding this gem… These boats were sailed as an Olympic class from the 1920’s, I believe, up until 2012, when they were replaced. There is still a strong international racing fleet and association. For more information, check out the association website,

This boat is Star #6860. She came with “three back sails, and two front sails” according to the owner. She is a Mader (Germany) boat, and was manufactured in the early 1980’s according to my research. The sails look to require cleaning and maybe a few small patches, but are otherwise crisp and serviceable. I would assume anyone serious about racing would want new sails. The galvanized trailer is in great condition, including working brakes and lights. It could certainly use new tires, but there is a like-new spare.

I don’t intend to actually sail this boat (although it could happen), but instead bought it as an investment. She is for sale, as-is, where is –  for $2,000 OBO. If needed, I could part out the boat and trailer. She did not come with a title, but I am in contact with the previous two owners and will be working on getting a MO or FL title for both the boat and trailer.

Here is a current photo album, which I will be updating as I figure out how to rig her, etc:


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New Pass (Sarasota) Information

Hi, ya’ll! is a great resource! Check it out. Also, yours truly alerted waterwaygiuide to the issues at New Pass – our “backdoor” to the Gulf here at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Check it out:

Fair winds!


— Arthur

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Georgia-Pacific Update

I see I never followed up about the Georgia-Pacific, a homebuilt plywood Michael Storer-designed canoe  I built over last summer… The reason/excuse for building the canoe was a “second annual” camping/river trip, and my buddy had his own canoe this time (we both rented the first year). The trip was a great success, and the GP did great:

Current River Trip #2

However, the pine keel took a beating on the rocks/gravel – which is pretty much the standard river bottom around here. The keel was encased in 3 heavy coats of epoxy, but no fiberglass tape. I don’t think the fiberglass would have helped much either, under the conditions. So, I’ve devised an aluminum keel protector:

Click below for the full gallery

Georgia-Pacific Canoe Keel Protector

My initial plan was to glue the 1/16 in. by 1 in. flat aluminum stock onto the keel with Liquid Nails, using a few drywall screws to hold temporarily. However, after a 24 hour cure, the Liquid Nails is still soft, and isn’t going to hold. So, I’m leaving the screws in for now.

Since I’m using 2 8foot sections of stock, I tried using thickened epoxy for the glue on the second half. Just now finished that, so we’ll see how it works after a cure. One issue I’m sure is causing the non-cure is that we’ve had highs between 45 and 50 degrees F. So, maybe I just need to be very patient  🙂

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First overnight cruise on San Juan 23 “Juanita”

Check out our early November adventure!

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San Juan 23 Singlehanded Sunday Sailing!

Back to sailing! And pardon the alliteration 🙂

Finally got back to Florida, and we were able to go sailing this weekend! Sharon, Adam, Bekah and I had a good time sailing for a couple hours in the bay, after having to do some remote work from the club porch for a client back in Missouri. We had a great time, but I’m not sure we got any pictures! Sorry about that.

We left the boat in the water at the NEW floating dock for the night, and the next day (Sunday) I went back up by myself. I was able to get about 3 hours of sailing in, solo, and learned alot about Juanita. The main thing I learned is that she sails GREAT! No offense to Eeyore, but there’s just very little comparison. I am thrilled!

Here is the google Album:

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Maiden voyage of HMS Georgia-Pacific

We had an amazing time today, after finishing the canoe yesterday! As an added bonus, we didn’t sink!! Confidence-builder for sure.

20160821_095931 20160821_113508 20160821_134102


Click below for the full Album

Maiden Voyage Google Photos Album


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Sailing the saw-horses!

Finally, everything is together!! I couldn’t resist, and climbed aboard Georgia-Pacific while she was still on the saw-horses:


Tomorrow, time to remove any temporary screws, flip ‘er over, shape the skegs, and start filling screw holes, and epoxy sealing. Or maybe I should cut the grass, or clean the kitchen? Nah….

Full album here:




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Quick Canoe Update – Georgia Pacific!

I’ve decided to name the canoe “Georgia-Pacific”. 100 points to the first Hogwarts house that guesses why – no fair if you already know because I told you  🙂

Here she is with ALMOST all the parts dry-fitted if not already glued.


Full album:

Most recent at bottom.


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Quick Canoe Update – Epoxy fun!

Two nights ago I completed the epoxy fillets on the inside of the hull – effectively permanently gluing the ply in place. Yesterday, after the fillets were good and cured, I flipped the canoe over. I took all the duct tape, screws, and finishing nails out/off. I then used the plane to cut any overhang of the bottom-side joint down. Then I spent most of the rest of the time yesterday, hanging tarp “walls” so I can work in the rain. It isn’t raining yet, but it will be by the weekend!

Tonight, I got the chines and stems glass/epoxy taped.


20160811_214008 20160810_201344

As always, here is the full album:


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From Temporary to Permanent

Finished the epoxy fillets tonight. For you lilly-livered landlubbers, that means the main part of the boat is glued together for good (I hope)!


As usual, the updated, full photo album is here:

Fair winds!


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