Grand Opening!

Posted by on September 25, 2012

Any of you who know me know that The Yacht Barn has been just “The Barn” for many, many years. It has (and still does to some extent) housed Horses, Hay, ME (yes I did live in it for a short time), project vehicles,  and, most importantly, JUNK.

After purchasing the Balboa, I determined that the last project vehicle (a perpetual project, 1971 VW Campmobile) had to go. First, to fund my new Sailboat Habit, and secondly because I needed the room. After sitting in the barn and having not been started for 3 or 4 years, I bought a battery, poured a little gas in the carb, and the Bus fired right up. I drove it home, and it’s currently parked by the greenhouse. If you or anyone you know is interested, I’m offering the Bus for sale, asking $1500. It runs and drives, but is certainly a “project”.

This past weekend, “The Barn” officially became “The Yacht Barn”, and it is where the Balboa will live – at least until the work on the hull is finished, and it is once again weathertight.

As an added bonus, the old John Deere “M” that sits in the barn will have its starter repaired now, and become the official The Yacht Tractor! I’ll put a ball on it, and leave it hooked up to the boat so I can move it around when I need to  😉


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