Started the Fiberglass work on the Balboa

Posted by on December 9, 2012

“The first cut is the deepest…”

Yeah.. Ouch.. but I did it. I cut into the deck of the Balboa today, and exposed the reason for the softness – wet and rotted wood core as I suspected. It is actually not as bad as I suspected. The actual rotted spot is not so large, so it should be a matter of replacing a little, and making sure everything else is VERY dry before putting things back together. Of course, making it all look like I didn’t cut it up, on top, will be a small challenge. That’s okay.

I also have the bow U-bolt, the mast step, and the forestay attachment point here on the table with me. I’m going to be having some custom SS parts made, including backing plates – so I’m getting dimensions before I call my SS guy. I will be reinforcing those parts – adding backing plates, more through bolts, etc…

For more pictures, click here:




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