Bending on the new Montego sails

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Although I’ve been in FL for nearly a week now, this evening was the first opportunity to see how the new sails fit on the Montego. You may recall that the mainsail is from a Windrose 20, and I bought it from a nice guy in Idaho. The headsail is the working jib from the Balboa – but it’s more like a small genoa on the Montego. I think they look pretty good. Sharon and I plan to take her out for a sail in the morning, and we can’t wait!



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  1. Joe Debolt

    you wouldn’t by chance still have this boat do ya???
    im rebuilding a windrose 22, and the masts were the same through most there builds, and i need to build
    spreader bars because they were missing, if you do would you be able to get me a length of each bar up on that mast? i was gonna start with 18″ and see if that was close, be about a month before im at that point
    so just hoping someone has a measurment i can run with, thanks

    • arthur

      Sorry man, sold the boat about a year and a half ago! I used to moderate a Yahoo group called montego sailors, maybe check that out. There was also one called lost Laguna sloops, for your windrose. Good luck!

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