Hull Cleaning

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Last Sunday, we had Alan and Cynthia come out and clean (and inspect) the Montego hull – since I can’t yet take it out of the water. They are the nicest couple and do a great job! We had a wonderful time visiting with them besides the work itself! Anyone in the Charlotte Harbor area, I highly recommend Cheyenne Diving and Salvage ( to do the work. Their rates are very reasonable, and they are friendly and thorough. Alan even took some measurements underwater for me to help with planning my trailer modifications. As you will see, they provide before and after pictures for each job as well. Thanks, Alan and Cynthia! Hope to see you again!  –arthur


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  1. Chuck Johnson

    Hi, I’d get some anti-foul on that bottom asap. I have a Montego 19 that I’m restoring also. Yours looks in pretty good shape. I started over again on mine – separated the deck from the hull, recaulked with 5200, repainted with two part epoxy both deck and hull, reglassed the keel, new keel winch, new electrical. I was shocked at how much money you can put into 19.5 feet. But the M19 is a nice looking boat and perfect for the Gulf’s shallow waters and I wanted to get it right! Mine gets back out in time for retirement – it’s my retirement toy. Good luck with your M19, if you sell it, it should go quick.

    • arthur


      Yep, I need to redo the bottom paint for sure. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to getting the trailer modified this trip, so she’s gonna have to remain in the water for another couple of months at least.

      You’re right, she’s in pretty good shape overall. You’re only seeing the “good side” though. On the port side in the middle, the rubrail has fallen off, and the hull to deck joint has been smashed pretty bad. At the worst part of it, the lip that protrudes out to the side, is riveted together, and holds the rubrail on is completely gone. Someone “fixed” it by covering a section with what looks like aluminum siding and roof tar :P.. So, that’s going to be the biggest part of the project. I don’t want to go “whole hog” like you are, but I am interested in how and why you decided to redo the entire hull to deck joint?

      By the way, this is a M20 – the fixed keel model (2 ft draft). And yes, I will be selling her eventually – but it will probably be a year or two – after I get my Balboa 24 done and moved to Florida.


  2. Chuck Johnson

    The rub rail was one of the hardest things to find for the boat. I suspect someone replaced the original rub rail and we finally went with some generic stuff. I had extensive work done to those lips and I think the factory must have riveted them together. I must have popped 250 rivets so I could recaulk.

    Hi Arthur,

    I had a local guy do a lot of my glass and he also used two part epoxy on the boat (it has a yellow hull now). The gel coat was hopeless and we thought the epoxy might bend better so no cracks right away. We had to grind down the deck completely and rebuild the no skid surface before painting. It was an extensive job.

    Sometimes, I wish I had the twenty for space reasons but I fell in love with my M19 – she’s a labor of love! I live in the Port Charlotte area (Rotonda) so the boat is perfect for the area with a draft of 14″. Good luck with the boat and you should really try to get it to Pelican Bay in Cayo Costa State Park. It’s an island where everyone like to drop anchor!

  3. arthur


    Was your rub rail this massive black rubber stuff? If so, it must have been factory because that’s what mine is. I’ve been looking all over online for anything even close to it with no luck. I’m definitely going to have to replace it on the left side. I’m very interested in what you ended up using.

    We’ve sailed to and camped on Cayo Costa before! Loved it, and will be back. Watch the video here:

    You’ve probably figured it out by now, but I live in Missouri most of the time. When I’m in Florida, I’m based in North Port where my fiancee lives. The Montego is docked at a private dock on the north/west side of the Peace River. We were going to get a dock in Englewood, but that fell through.


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