First Sail of the Montego 20

Posted by on February 22, 2013

Montego 20 Sailing 01 from acorn on Vimeo.

This is the first actual sailing trip of the Montego 20. Using “new” sails – the main is at least 20 years old and from a Windrose 20 – but does not appear to have ever been used. The jib is from my Balboa 24 – it’s more like a genoa for the Montego. The wind and seas got pretty intense just after we hoisted sail, so there wasn’t much sailing. Just enough, though to learn to “heave-to” and to make sure the sails were going to work well for the boat. They definitely are. –arthur

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  1. Chuck Johnson

    Nice to see your boat out. I laughed when I saw the boat get hung up on a sand bar. That’s SOP here for any type of boat. The thing about this whole area is what a water taxi pilot once told me – if you capsize the first thing to do is let your feet touch bottom, then walk to the nearest land. If you look at a NOAA chart, you’ll see that it’s extremely shallow around Pt. Charlotte except for harbor area. Around Lemon Bay and Pine Island the only safe route is the intercoastal which is as crowded as I75 some days. East of 75, it gets shallow again. You’ve pretty much have to get beyond the barrier islands for carefree sailing. That’s why I specifically looked for a swing keel with a 4 1/2 ft draft fully extended although the M20 should get you into most places around here at high tide. It’s tricky sailing around here. Good sailing!

  2. arthur

    Hi Chuck 🙂

    Yeah, I knew better than to try exploring around those mangrove islands, but figured what the heck. We weren’t on any particular schedule, and we were looking for a place to drop anchor for lunch anyway 🙂 I wish we could have sailed more that day, but it was just too much out in the harbor for the first time. First time those sails have been on the boat and I don’t have the routine of that boat down. Plus, I noticed the dang tiller was about to break! I took the hardware off and brought it back with me to Missouri. I’m going to make a new tiller out of hickory or cedar to take back with me next time.

    Thanks for hangin’ out here! Perhaps we’ll meet in person sometime.


  3. Alan Sanders

    LOL !! Good job….

    • arthur

      Haha! Why Thank you! The boat DID go faster…. 😉


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