Cayo Costa Camping/Sailing Trip 2013

Posted by on September 24, 2013

Here, finally, is the long overdue video of our summer family sailing adventure!

Cayo Costa 2013 (Recommended Resolution) from acorn on Vimeo.



14 Responses to Cayo Costa Camping/Sailing Trip 2013

  1. Shirley and Tom

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing with us.

    • arthur

      You’re most welcome! It was a great little trip. A tad “Gilligan’s Island” at times, hehehe. Thanks for commenting in the blog too! 🙂


  2. Milton

    Great video, reminds me of good times in my Coronado 23 in the Cheasapeake Bay. Makes me want to get a pocket cruiser again and fart around in the San Fran and San Pablo bay. Thinking about getting something I can trailer. Got any suggestions?


    • arthur

      Man, there are so many choices of trailer-sailer out there!! What would you pull it with? Would you want to be able to overnight in it? The ubiquitous Catalina 22 comes to mind. Anything with a swing keel/centerboard would be easier to trailer – but the trunk also takes up room in the cabin, so… Check out the Yahoo! group freesailboats: I’m a member 🙂

      • milton

        Well, i dont think i could haul much with my Prius. Carol`s Matrix might haul 2000 lbs. I might just have to get a used pickup. BTW, Carol seems in favor of us getting a trailerable boat. Slip renral on the San Francisco bay is rather ridiculus.

        • arthur

          JUst was looking back through these comments.. LOL so much for the trailer-sailor! 🙂 I wish we could find time and money to come out there! Maybe just a couple more years….

  3. Susan

    Thanks for sharing your Cayo Costa adventure! Loved the jazzy music with sock monkeys and R2D2 to boot. 🙂

  4. arthur

    By the way, two points for anyone who can tell me what the new tiller is made of 😉

  5. milton

    Dried figs? Or perhaps birch? (Shouldn’t it be ash?)

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