Montego Migration 2 – Part One – Fish Out of Water (Finally!)

Posted by on February 11, 2015

After a couple of wonderful years with Michelle on the Peace River, we finally found a trailer that we could use to haul the boat out (after a little modification). As much as we loved the dock, it was very hard to work on the boat, and it was quite a distance to get to where we actually had room to sail. At first, we didn’t have anywhere to store the boat on the trailer, so Michelle graciously agreed to allow us to store it in her driveway for a time.


New Trailer, Removed Carpet, Installed Keel board


Carpeting Keel board

Did some preliminary modification of the trailer (added and carpeted a keel support). On haulout day, as fate would have it, our motor wouldn’t start (for the first time ever!). Luckily our dock neighbor, Norman, kindly offered to tow us around to the neighborhood boat ramp.

Motor wouldn’t start, getting a tow to the ramp.

Lots of backing up, loading boat, unloading boat, pulling forward. Finally got it so the boat was level and safely supported.

Many trips in and out of the water

Finally on a Trailer!!

Lots of barnacle scraping. Although I’m in the picture, Sharon actually did most of it!


Scraping Barnacles

Workin’ at the Car Wash!

All wrapped up until….?

The boat then sat in Michelle’s driveway for a couple of months.

Stay tuned for Part Two – Back to Sarasota!



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