Sailing from Sarasota to Venice and back

Posted by on November 19, 2015

Last Saturday Morning, we left the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, motor-sailed under the John Ringling bridge, and out Big Sarasota Pass into the gulf. Then we hoisted the main and headed down the coast to Venice Inlet. We sailed parallel to the coast, maybe a mile offshore, on a reach the whole way, doing nearly 6 knots (which is approaching hull speed for Eeyore!).

SSS to Higel

We then docked at a public dock at Higel Marine Park, next to the Venice Yacht Club, and had an early dinner of brats and hot dogs, cooked on the grill at the park. Afterwards, Sharon, Bekah and I motored over to Marker 4, while Adam took the kayak.

Higel to Marker 4

I had sent Linda a message letting her know we’d be there with the boat, and she and Carol met us around 5pm. We stayed up till 9 or ten, having drinks and appetizers on the boat. What a great time!

Sharon and I slept in the cockpit and the kids had the cabin. Bekah had the v-berth to herself, while Adam took the starboard quarter berth. Sharon and I could have used some more padding, but otherwise it was a wonderful night. Temperature was just right, a little breeze. No dew. Perfect.


We left about 8:15 am. The plan was to motor up the ICW back to the SSS, as winds were forecast to increase and gust up to 25 kts. It was a good choice. It was chilly and overcast, too, but we had a great time. We stopped at the Blackburn point swinging bridge (the second bridge of 4 that opened for us on the way), where the Casey Key Fish house, famous for it’s deep fried breaded hot dogs (??) is. We were early, and killed an hour and a half fishing from the docks, and just relaxing. Adam kayaked around, and we felt sorry for a derelict sailboat nearby, grounded and leaned over at low tide. Β Then we had lunch. None of us could bring ourselves to have a fried hot dog Β πŸ™‚

Marker 4 to Blackburn20151115_10280120151114_125534

We left Blackburn Point bridge. The next bridge was Stickney Point. While we were talking with the bridge operator on the VHF, and coordinating the opening with another sailboat southbound, Adam caught a ladyfish! It was a hectic few minutes Β πŸ™‚

Later, the kids were doing “The Macarena”. Adam was on the bow and Bekah was standing up through the hatch. We saw a bald eagle, and they said “Let’s do the Macarena for it!!” – and so they did. The bald eagle was impressed.

Blackburn to SSSLadyfish Β Macarena



Here is the entire album on Google Photos:

6 Responses to Sailing from Sarasota to Venice and back

  1. Tim

    I’m ashamed of you that you didn’t try a fried hot dog.

    What a trip! Looks like so much fun

    • arthur

      I’m half-ashamed, and half proud πŸ™‚ And your Gravatar is terrifying πŸ™‚

  2. milton

    Nice. Looked like you had a good breeze. You’re creating some wonderful memories for your family.

    • arthur

      Thanks, Milton πŸ™‚

      We had a good breeze for sure.. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too much in the Gulf, and was prepared to turn around and go down the ICW. But it turned out to be perfect!

  3. Sherri

    That is some serious sailing. I am impressed.

    I am also amazed about the sleeping in the cockpit part. Hearty sailors!


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