Eeyore Sail Camping Adventure

Posted by on March 14, 2016

Sharon and I are leaving tomorrow morning for our sailing camping vacation on Eeyore. This will be the first vacation days, just the two of us, since the Honeymoon. We are excited!

Today we went up to the boat to load some gear, rig the boat, and do one major repair item I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We replaced the boom Gooseneck, which has been broken since we bought Eeyore. It “worked” but I haven’t felt safe about it. Sharon took a picture, but I guess it’s on her phone.

We plan to launch tomorrow at 0930, and winds should be fairly light (5-10 knots) all week, with no chance of rain in the forecast. From what I’ve seen, the lowest temp we should see is 66, and the high temps should be below 80. Paradise!

We’re going to head out into the Gulf from the Sarasota Sailing Squadron via Big Sarasota pass. From there we will head south along the coast. Depending on our progress, we may head into the Intracostal Waterway (ICW) at Venice, or Stump Pass, or perhaps even further south, we will see. Our ultimate destination is the Pelican Bay Anchorage by Cayo Costa, but we plan a two day trip there, and two days back, stopping each night somewhere in the ICW. Here is a screenshot of our theoretical route (not including stops or variations due to wind) from OpenCPN:

2016-03-14 21_18_17-OpenCPN 4.0.0

We are using Zygrib for weather forecasts, and also overlaying the grib files over OpenCPN using the Grib plugin:

2016-03-14 21_20_10-zyGrib-7.0.0 - 20160314_145539_.grb.bz2

Finally, here is the route on Google Maps, so you can zoom in and out, etc….

Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. tim


  2. Charles Shelton

    Looking forward to your updates. Good sailing.

    • arthur

      Currently sailing in the Gulf offshore of placida. Should hit boca grand pass in about 2 hours. Beautiful!

  3. arthur

    Made it back to the squadron before storms hit. Barely. Safely docked now.

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