Eeyore to Cayo Costa 2016 – The Rest of the Story

Posted by on March 30, 2016

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We had an amazing time on our trip. We hope you enjoy the video. Some things not included:

  1. We hiked across Cayo Costa (1 mile one way) to reach the only semi-private shower on the island. Sharon got to wash her hair  🙂
  2. The morning, before Sharon hooked the giant Tarpon, she caught a small catfish, but we threw it back. The Tarpon taking all the line made that the last of the fishing!
  3. Our companion boat going north in the ICW (I forget the name now) stuck with us through several bridges. At one point they strayed outside the channel, and went aground. I steered towards them to see what was going on, and the captain said over the VHF “I’m on the ground, man, don’t follow me!”. They managed to get off under their own power, luckily.
  4. On our sail in the Gulf, south to Boca Grand pass, we were blessed to see a sea turtle swimming close to the boat. That was a treat!
  5. We spent all of thursday in Pelican Bay and on Cayo Costa. Sharon snorkeled a bunch, while I followed (or towed her) in the Kayak

Hopefully Sharon will remember anything I’ve left out. Thanks for visiting!!



4 Responses to Eeyore to Cayo Costa 2016 – The Rest of the Story

  1. Sherri

    Arthur and Sharon: this is an amazing video and a fabulous trip. You two are fearless.

    Milton and Mike – you guys need to see this video!


  2. Milton Fabert

    Now, that’s a sailboat trip. Nice presentation. I love the the anchorages you have in Florida. Reminds me of our trips on the Chesapeake. Not many places to anchor in the SF bay (staying at a marina in SF somewhat makes up for that). Some of my best sailing trips were on my little Coronado 23. Keep sailing and keep posting pics and videos.

    • arthur

      Thanks! We are planning a day-sail tomorrow in Sarasota Bay.. perhaps out the pass, around Longboat Key, and back in, we will see! 🙂

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