Juanita joins the Family!

Posted by on May 17, 2016

Since we have decided to sell Eeyore (the Montego 20 that we keep at Sarasota Sailing Squadron), we’ve had a logistical problem. We want to upgrade to a little larger boat, especially for when the kids are with us sailing. The Balboa 24 fits that bill – but it’s in Missouri. Worse, it’s on a very nice painted steel trailer, that I REALLY don’t want to introduce to salt water. So, we were facing the prospect of finding a galvanized trailer for the Balboa, and hauling it to Florida.

Along came Juanita!

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Juanita is a 1978 San Juan 23, on a nice I-beam dual axle galvanized trailer. She showed up on Craigslist at a price we couldn’t refuse. Best of all – she’s ALREADY at the SSS!

More pictures, etc… to come. We are excited!


— arthur

3 Responses to Juanita joins the Family!

  1. Sharon smith

    We are going to have so much fun’

  2. Mom and Dad

    We bet you all are excited. Keep us informed.


  3. Linda

    Congratulations! Thats awesome!!!!!!
    We bought a house!!! Has a spa and pool! Moving in July party time!

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