Quick Canoe Update – Georgia Pacific!

Posted by on August 16, 2016

I’ve decided to name the canoe “Georgia-Pacific”. 100 points to the first Hogwarts house that guesses why – no fair if you already know because I told you  🙂

Here she is with ALMOST all the parts dry-fitted if not already glued.


Full album: https://goo.gl/photos/jsCHhc8jSMVngF2X9

Most recent at bottom.


4 Responses to Quick Canoe Update – Georgia Pacific!

  1. Paul

    manfacturer of plywood

    • arthur

      Paul Wins! How’s your old wooden sailboat??

      • Paul

        Still in the garage- Work & other projects have prevented me from working on her very much. I am hoping to retire soon & then finish up so I can go sailing. I think working full time I could finish in 30-45 days.

        • arthur

          I understand about work getting in the way! This “Quick Canoe” for example is supposed to take a week or two – people have built one in 3 days. I wanna retire too!!

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