Georgia-Pacific Update

Posted by on January 2, 2017

I see I never followed up about the Georgia-Pacific, a homebuilt plywood Michael Storer-designed canoe  I built over last summer… The reason/excuse for building the canoe was a “second annual” camping/river trip, and my buddy had his own canoe this time (we both rented the first year). The trip was a great success, and the GP did great:

Current River Trip #2

However, the pine keel took a beating on the rocks/gravel – which is pretty much the standard river bottom around here. The keel was encased in 3 heavy coats of epoxy, but no fiberglass tape. I don’t think the fiberglass would have helped much either, under the conditions. So, I’ve devised an aluminum keel protector:

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Georgia-Pacific Canoe Keel Protector

My initial plan was to glue the 1/16 in. by 1 in. flat aluminum stock onto the keel with Liquid Nails, using a few drywall screws to hold temporarily. However, after a 24 hour cure, the Liquid Nails is still soft, and isn’t going to hold. So, I’m leaving the screws in for now.

Since I’m using 2 8foot sections of stock, I tried using thickened epoxy for the glue on the second half. Just now finished that, so we’ll see how it works after a cure. One issue I’m sure is causing the non-cure is that we’ve had highs between 45 and 50 degrees F. So, maybe I just need to be very patient  🙂

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  1. Timothy Smith

    Landscape glue? I used a tube of that in a caulk gun to glue together some paving stones to use as a fire ring and it has held together for going on 3 years now through numerous fires… *boggle*

    • arthur

      I think they make a landscape glue too, but no, this is the “regular” liquid nails – “heavy duty construction glue”. It may hold just fine, but if not, I’m thinking it doesn’t want to stick to the epoxy very well. We’ll see 🙂

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