The latest addition to the stable – International Star Class racing yacht!

Posted by on March 25, 2017

Thanks to my friend Brian for finding this gem… These boats were sailed as an Olympic class from the 1920’s, I believe, up until 2012, when they were replaced. There is still a strong international racing fleet and association. For more information, check out the association website,

This boat is Star #6860. She came with “three back sails, and two front sails” according to the owner. She is a Mader (Germany) boat, and was manufactured in the early 1980’s according to my research. The sails look to require cleaning and maybe a few small patches, but are otherwise crisp and serviceable. I would assume anyone serious about racing would want new sails. The galvanized trailer is in great condition, including working brakes and lights. It could certainly use new tires, but there is a like-new spare.

I don’t intend to actually sail this boat (although it could happen), but instead bought it as an investment. She is for sale, as-is, where is –  for $2,000 OBO. If needed, I could part out the boat and trailer. She did not come with a title, but I am in contact with the previous two owners and will be working on getting a MO or FL title for both the boat and trailer.

Here is a current photo album, which I will be updating as I figure out how to rig her, etc:


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  1. Zach

    Where are you located

    • arthur


      Thanks for your comment! We are located in Missouri, approximately 70 miles south of St. Louis. Can we help you with anything?

      Take care!

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