Irma Damage at Sarasota Sailing Squadron – and a little bottle rocket fun!

Posted by on September 12, 2017

Here are some pics and video clips of the worst of the Irma Hurricane damage at the SSS and nearby. You will also see a pic of Juanita, our San Juan 23, who came through unscathed! Please keep in mind that the majority of boats were in good shape after Irma. As you can see, some were not 🙁

Have a look at the pic of the water with the 3 buoys – apparently the guy took the rig (mast, etc) down, and sunk his boat ON PURPOSE in the middle of the basin “so it wouldn’t be lost in the surge”. I have heard that he is an Engineer 😉

Also – apparently the Cormorants decided that the water was “for the birds”, and decided to roost in the club’s trees. Here we see our fearless manager shooing them off with bottle rockets! Great fun! Click below to see the album.

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