Yacht Barn? What the…?

My Prindle 16 is in Florida, so there was a void in my Missouri life. One great deal on a 1981 Balboa 24 that needed restoration later, The Yacht Barn is born! The Balboa will eventually move to Florida as well, and be sold, opening The Yacht Barn up for the next project.

Be sure to check out the menu above to links to blogs on each project – as well as The Barn itself.

Also, here is a link to my “Sailboats” collection on flickr. Constantly updated so check often if you like sailboat pics  😉


— Arthur Foxhall Smith, Owner

3 Responses to Yacht Barn? What the…?

  1. Sharon

    This is so awesome! So happy for this new endeavor!

  2. dragonhide

    Mr. Smith,

    I wish you extreme success in your sailboat restoration business.

    Timothy S. Smith.

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