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Lake of the Ozarks Fishin’ with Georgia-Pacific

Stopped on my way back from Camdenton a couple of weeks back for some evening fishin’ on Lake of the Ozarks. Pepper the dog was just chillin’ with me. Fish didn’t pay us no mind, but we had a relaxing couple hours 😉

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The latest addition to the stable – International Star Class racing yacht!

Thanks to my friend Brian for finding this gem… These boats were sailed as an Olympic class from the 1920’s, I believe, up until 2012, when they were replaced. There is still a strong international racing fleet and association. For more information, check out the association website, This boat is Star #6860. She came with … Continue reading »

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First overnight cruise on San Juan 23 “Juanita”

Check out our early November adventure!

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San Juan 23 Singlehanded Sunday Sailing!

Back to sailing! And pardon the alliteration 🙂 Finally got back to Florida, and we were able to go sailing this weekend! Sharon, Adam, Bekah and I had a good time sailing for a couple hours in the bay, after having to do some remote work from the club porch for a client back in … Continue reading »

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Sailing the saw-horses!

Finally, everything is together!! I couldn’t resist, and climbed aboard Georgia-Pacific while she was still on the saw-horses: Tomorrow, time to remove any temporary screws, flip ‘er over, shape the skegs, and start filling screw holes, and epoxy sealing. Or maybe I should cut the grass, or clean the kitchen? Nah…. Full album here:   … Continue reading »

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Quick Canoe Update – Georgia Pacific!

I’ve decided to name the canoe “Georgia-Pacific”. 100 points to the first Hogwarts house that guesses why – no fair if you already know because I told you  🙂 Here she is with ALMOST all the parts dry-fitted if not already glued. Full album: Most recent at bottom. Cheers!

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From Temporary to Permanent

Finished the epoxy fillets tonight. For you lilly-livered landlubbers, that means the main part of the boat is glued together for good (I hope)! As usual, the updated, full photo album is here: Fair winds! –arthur

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Behold, a Quick Canoe being born!

After some issues with failing duct tape, and failing buttstraps (don’t ask!) We have a 3-D Canoe shape! See the whole album (and keep visiting for updates) here:  

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Juanita joins the Family!

Since we have decided to sell Eeyore (the Montego 20 that we keep at Sarasota Sailing Squadron), we’ve had a logistical problem. We want to upgrade to a little larger boat, especially for when the kids are with us sailing. The Balboa 24 fits that bill – but it’s in Missouri. Worse, it’s on a … Continue reading »

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Eeyore to Cayo Costa 2016 – The Rest of the Story

For a larger version of the video, click the arrow in the upper right corner. We had an amazing time on our trip. We hope you enjoy the video. Some things not included: We hiked across Cayo Costa (1 mile one way) to reach the only semi-private shower on the island. Sharon got to wash … Continue reading »

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