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Eeyore to Cayo Costa 2016 – The Rest of the Story

For a larger version of the video, click the arrow in the upper right corner. We had an amazing time on our trip. We hope you enjoy the video. Some things not included: We hiked across Cayo Costa (1 mile one way) to reach the only semi-private shower on the island. Sharon got to wash … Continue reading »

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Eeyore Sail Camping Adventure

Sharon and I are leaving tomorrow morning for our sailing camping vacation on Eeyore. This will be the first vacation days, just the two of us, since the Honeymoon. We are excited! Today we went up to the boat to load some gear, rig the boat, and do one major repair item I’ve been wanting … Continue reading »

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Sailing from Sarasota to Venice and back

Last Saturday Morning, we left the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, motor-sailed under the John Ringling bridge, and out Big Sarasota Pass into the gulf. Then we hoisted the main and headed down the coast to Venice Inlet. We sailed parallel to the coast, maybe a mile offshore, on a reach the whole way, doing nearly 6 … Continue reading »

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Montego Migration 2 – Part Two – Back to Sarasota!

Yes! We bought the Montego in Sarasota, and now we’re back! In fact, we are right across the bay from Marina Jack, where we bought the boat off a mooring. We are now at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, with the boat safely and conveniently out of the water on our trailer! Allow me to explain. … Continue reading »

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Montego Migration 2 – Part One – Fish Out of Water (Finally!)

After a couple of wonderful years with Michelle on the Peace River, we finally found a trailer that we could use to haul the boat out (after a little modification). As much as we loved the dock, it was very hard to work on the boat, and it was quite a distance to get to … Continue reading »

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Cayo Costa Camping/Sailing Trip 2013

Here, finally, is the long overdue video of our summer family sailing adventure! Cayo Costa 2013 (Recommended Resolution) from acorn on Vimeo.   –arthur

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Montego Sailboats Yahoo! Group

The group owner of the MonteoSailboats Yahoo! Group is stepping down, and she asked for someone to take over running the group. I volunteered, and now I’m the proud owner of not only my Montego 20, but of a Group dedicated to Montego sailboats! ¬†You can check out the group at: If you’re interested … Continue reading »

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First Sail of the Montego 20

Montego 20 Sailing 01 from acorn on Vimeo. This is the first actual sailing trip of the Montego 20. Using “new” sails – the main is at least 20 years old and from a Windrose 20 – but does not appear to have ever been used. The jib is from my Balboa 24 – it’s … Continue reading »

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Hull Cleaning

Last Sunday, we had Alan and Cynthia come out and clean (and inspect) the Montego hull – since I can’t yet take it out of the water. They are the nicest couple and do a great job! We had a wonderful time visiting with them besides the work itself! Anyone in the Charlotte Harbor area, … Continue reading »

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Bending on the new Montego sails

Although I’ve been in FL for nearly a week now, this evening was the first opportunity to see how the new sails fit on the Montego. You may recall that the mainsail is from a Windrose 20, and I bought it from a nice guy in Idaho. The headsail is the working jib from the … Continue reading »

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