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Montego Migration by wallencreek

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The Montego made it to her new home!

Sorry for the delay. Those of you who followed via Google Latitude probably knew yesterday afternoon, but we made it! Here’s the Victory Pose at the new dock: As you know, we decided not to cross the harbor on Sunday, since there was no way we were going to make it to the dock before … Continue reading »

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The Dinghy!

Sharon picked up the dinghy today! Now she can get to the Montego without swimming! See the pictures below. As long as it doesn’t sink for some reason on the maiden voyage, I am very happy with the new dinghy! We just need to find a replacement for the missing oarlock.

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Dinghy and Trailer Weekend

Sharon, The Admiral – the term “first mate” brings up long drawn-out and sometimes sappy stories better discussed over beers at the dock or around the campfire – has a big weekend ahead of her. Tomorrow, she is dragging the kids to look at, and probably pay for and take home, an 8′ Seaworthy (we … Continue reading »

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Montego 20!

We just acquired a Montego 20, moored at Marina Jack’s in Sarasota. ¬†We’ve been talking via email, phone, and text for a couple days, and came to an arrangement last night/this morning with Darby and Nathan:   We are so excited! Now – much like Darby and Nathan – we need to figure out how … Continue reading »

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