Lake of the Ozarks Fishin’ with Georgia-Pacific

Stopped on my way back from Camdenton a couple of weeks back for some evening fishin’ on Lake of the Ozarks. Pepper the dog was just chillin’ with me. Fish didn’t pay us no mind, but we had a relaxing couple hours 😉

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Mangrove Tunnels in Kayaks – near Sarasota, FL

Back in January, my brother came to visit us for a week in Florida. We had planned a great sailing adventure aboard Juanita, but the cards were stacked against us. Outboard trouble and weather kept us in the slip for most of the 3 days we’d set aside. However, we had the foresight to bring … Continue reading »

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How to get an 85 ft mast under a 65 ft bridge…

My favorite comment from this video is: “…those bags are actually the boat owner’s ballz.” Watch, and you’ll understand. Salty. –arthur

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Zero to Cruising!

I highly recommend Mark and Rebecca’s blog, Zero to Cruising! It’s a wonderful success story of a couple who successfully made the leap from “normal” life to a lifestyle aboard – without really knowing what they were getting into at first  🙂 Very entertaining and informative. Here’s their summary: Have you ever dreamt of running … Continue reading »

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New Acquisitions

Over the weekend, TYB acquired two new items, a spinnaker and an outboard motor. The spinnaker appears to be in like-new condition: Nothing to do with it now except find a boat big enough to fly it!   I found the outboard on Craigslist STL. It needs to lower end rebuilt, but it runs fine! … Continue reading »

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Local Tide Tables

West Coast of Florida Local, at least  🙂   –arthur

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Boat Painting Videos

Here are some good demonstration videos I’ve found on Youtube: –arthur

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I’ve added a new category to The Yacht Barn Blog called “Meanderings”. I spend an inordinate time on the web, both at home and at work, so I come across lots of interesting things. These days (or years as it may be), sailing is the main subject of my “leisure” web time. I created this … Continue reading »

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