Irma Damage at Sarasota Sailing Squadron – and a little bottle rocket fun!

Here are some pics and video clips of the worst of the Irma Hurricane damage at the SSS and nearby. You will also see a pic of Juanita, our San Juan 23, who came through unscathed! Please keep in mind that the majority of boats were in good shape after Irma. As you can see, … Continue reading »

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FJ Sailing on Council Bluff Lake

Fun, challenging sail at Council Bluff today. The kick up rudder head was falling apart so I re-epoxied last night. Of course that meant I had to sacrifice mowing time to test the rudder out today. Darn!!

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Sailing a Flying Junior in Bismarck Lake

Sunday, I took the FJ, the latest addition to The Yacht Barn armada, out for the first time. We went to a small nearby fishing lake, that has probably never seen a sailboat 🙂 As I was packing up to come home, a couple came to see “the guy with a sailboat on Bismarck Lake”. … Continue reading »

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New Pass (Sarasota) Information

Hi, ya’ll! www.waterwayguide.com is a great resource! Check it out. Also, yours truly alerted waterwaygiuide to the issues at New Pass – our “backdoor” to the Gulf here at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Check it out: http://www.waterwayguide.com/nav-alert/4-6876/fl-new-pass-bridge-construction Fair winds!   — Arthur

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Georgia-Pacific Update

I see I never followed up about the Georgia-Pacific, a homebuilt plywood Michael Storer-designed canoe  I built over last summer… The reason/excuse for building the canoe was a “second annual” camping/river trip, and my buddy had his own canoe this time (we both rented the first year). The trip was a great success, and the GP … Continue reading »

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Maiden voyage of HMS Georgia-Pacific

We had an amazing time today, after finishing the canoe yesterday! As an added bonus, we didn’t sink!! Confidence-builder for sure.   Click below for the full Album Maiden Voyage Google Photos Album  

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Quick Canoe Update – Epoxy fun!

Two nights ago I completed the epoxy fillets on the inside of the hull – effectively permanently gluing the ply in place. Yesterday, after the fillets were good and cured, I flipped the canoe over. I took all the duct tape, screws, and finishing nails out/off. I then used the plane to cut any overhang … Continue reading »

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Quick Canoe Build

At the end of the Summer, for the last few years, I get kind of down. My kids go back to school, my wife goes back to Florida (and work), and I’m left alone for a while. I’m kind of a loner anyways, but it’s a very abrupt transition, and it often leaves me depressed … Continue reading »

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Chillin’ on Sarasota Bay

Sharon and I found ourselves with a little time and weather to go sailing “one last time” on Eeyore last Saturday. Here’s how it went down: We left Sarasota Sailing Squadron around noon or so, sailed up the bay until the ICW entrance, and then found a nice little swimming spot to anchor out and … Continue reading »

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How to get an 85 ft mast under a 65 ft bridge…

My favorite comment from this video is: “…those bags are actually the boat owner’s ballz.” Watch, and you’ll understand. Salty. –arthur

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